Sam Coffman

Making Your Own Herbal Medic First Aid Kit

Building your own first aid kit can be a daunting task – trying to find the best pack to hold your gear, keep the weight manageable and have all the equipment you need in one place.

Sam Coffman

Clinical Physical Assessment On Demand Course

Mel Bailey

Womens' Reproductive Health Workshop

Many women feel disconnected from their bodies when it comes to understanding reproductive health & having discussions with health care providers. Mel Bailey, RN and midwife, is leading this informative workshop to give easy access to these topics.

Michael Blair

Clinical Spanish - Cultural Cues On Demand Course

Learn to better understand language, non-verbal cues, physical and psycho-spiritual disease and folk medicine, all within Spanish language!

Sam Coffman

Medic: Herbs For Post Disaster Acute Care On Demand Course

Herbal medicine offers extremely effective approaches to acute illnesses in post disaster situations, offering relief to physical ailments while also supporting mental and body system health. Learn an approach for long-term care using herbs!

Michele Marlow

Introduction to Herbal Medicine: An On Demand Course

If you are interested in herbal medicine but aren’t sure where to begin, this course is for you. This is a 6-week, online course designed to help you understand the most crucial and practical aspects of herbalism.

Sam Coffman

Infection and Wound Management On Demand Course

3 weeks of videos and lessons that gives students a comprehensive look at both herbal and orthodox wound & soft tissue injury management, and infection control. Highly useful for beginner and clinician alike, at home, in the clinic & the field!

Sam Coffman

Formulating and Formulas On Demand Course

This 3-week online course will help you refine and develop your formulating techniques for botanical medicine making

Sam Coffman

Austere Medicine: Trauma On Demand Course

The Austere Medicine (Trauma) is an introduction to the most vital aspects of medicine in a post-disaster or austere environment and integrates western emergency medicine, sports medicine, wilderness first aid and botanical (herbal) medicine ...