Sam Coffman

Herbal Medicine for Professionals - Spring 2021

The HMP 12-week course is our foundations course that lays the groundwork for advancing to clinical studies, emergency medicine, family herbalism & more with a thorough approach to working with plant medicine.

The Apothecarist Staff

GMP For Medicine Makers Intensive Course

A critically important part of running an apothecary and making herbal medicine for resale is understanding federal guidelines and how to make sure your business is operating correctly...

Sam Coffman

Austere Medicine: Trauma On Demand Course

The Austere Medicine (Trauma) is an introduction to the most vital aspects of medicine in a post-disaster or austere environment and integrates western emergency medicine, sports medicine, wilderness first aid and botanical (herbal) medicine ...

Suchil Coffman

The Apothecarist: External Medicine

This 12-week online interactive course focuses on external medicine - from topical preparations to inhalations, first aid use, apothecary business basics, herbal sexual health, essential oil safety & more.

Katia LeMone

Maiden, Mother, Crone

Sam Coffman

2021 Free Open Office Hours

Sam Coffman

Pathophysiology - Respiratory System

This 16-hour respiratory course is packed with information to introduce you to the anatomy and physiology of the respiratory tract as well as the physiology of disease when it occurs in the respiratory tract.

Jen-Osha Buysse

Woman In The Woods: Module 2

In this second module of the Woman in the Woods series, Outdoor Educator Jen-Osha will share some introductory ways to incorporate “primitive” skills into being prepared for life...

Lisa Ganora

Medicinal Lipids and Amino Acid Derivative Constituents: 3 Week Course

Survey of the structure, function and occurrence of lipids and amino acid derivatives that contribute to the actions of herbs, medicinal foods, seeds and oils, etc.