Lisa Ganora

Introduction to Phytochemistry: Free On Demand Class

If you are curious about the chemistry behind plants, wondering about Lisa Ganora's popular phytochemistry class, but would like to sample it, hop into this online introduction class for free!

Michele Marlow

Introduction to Herbal Medicine: An On Demand Course

If you are interested in herbal medicine but aren’t sure where to begin, this course is for you. This is a 6-week, online course designed to help you understand the most crucial and practical aspects of herbalism.

All HMA Instructors & all THP Instructors

Free Open Office Hours 2019

Want to check out our classes & instructors and see how the school works? This is a recurring live interactive session for all enrolled students at HMA, & you can listen to all our sessions for free!

Suchil Coffman

Free Apothecarist Medicine Making Introduction

Join us to check out what the fall Apothecarist program is all about! Watch the first class of the Fall 2018 semester to see all the topics we cover in this course!

Sam Coffman

Infection and Wound Management On Demand Course

3 weeks of videos and lessons that gives students a comprehensive look at both herbal and orthodox wound & soft tissue injury management, and infection control. Highly useful for beginner and clinician alike, at home, in the clinic & the field!

Sam Coffman

Austere Medicine: Trauma

The Austere Medicine (Trauma) is an introduction to the most vital aspects of medicine in a post-disaster or austere environment and integrates western emergency medicine, sports medicine, wilderness first aid and botanical (herbal) medicine ...

Sam Coffman

Formulating and Formulas On Demand Course

This 3-week online course will help you refine and develop your formulating techniques for botanical medicine making

Sam Coffman

SHTF Herbal Medicine and Wilderness First Aid Introduction

Welcome to an 8-week course that will give you the most complete introduction to practical, useful herbal medicine in post-disaster situations, over the course of 16 short lecture hours and 8 weeks of study materials.

Sam Coffman

Herbal Medicine for Professionals - Fall 2019

The HMP 12-week course is our foundations course that lays the groundwork for advancing to clinical studies, emergency medicine, family herbalism & more with a thorough approach to working with plant medicine.