Sam Coffman

Herbal Management for Acute Viral Infections

Using a vast array of medicinal herbs we can grow and find in the wild, learn to support our body’s intricate immune system and tissues ....

Lisa Ganora

The Foundations of Phytochemistry- Module 1

Lisa Ganora

Foundations of Phytochemistry

Lisa Ganora

The Foundations of Phytochemistry- Module 1 Course

Sam Coffman

Formulating and Formulas Course

This 3-week online course will help you refine and develop your formulating techniques for botanical medicine making

Thomas Bryant

Sustainable Herb Gardening as a Business – Session One

The Steward program is a comprehensive program covering not just the care of the Earth but also how to ethically profit from an herbal based plant business.

Sam Coffman

Austere Acute Care Medicine Course

The AACM course is focused on acute, integrative care in remote, underserved, post-disaster or austere conditions. This includes patient assessment, treatment & support using both pharmaceutical and botanical medicine in a highly integrative ...

Thomas Bryant

The Medic: An Introduction to HAM Radio

This practice session is to help medics interested in gaining their HAM license and setting up a network for post-disaster, community outreach or working in austere locales.

Katia LeMone

Austere and Disaster Birth Worker Course

Would you be prepared for an emergency birth situation whether post-disaster, en-route to the hospital or even at home? Would you be prepared to help your community in an emergency?