Suchil Coffman

The Apothecarist: External Medicine

This 12-week online interactive course focuses on external medicine - from topical preparations to inhalations, first aid use, apothecary business basics, herbal sexual health, essential oil safety & more.

Lisa Ganora

Medicinal Lipids and Amino Acid Derivative Constituents: 3 Week Course

Survey of the structure, function and occurrence of lipids and amino acid derivatives that contribute to the actions of herbs, medicinal foods, seeds and oils, etc.

The Apothecarist Staff

Advanced Internal Medicine Making

Become a more sustainable herbalist with more complex, nuanced techniques for making internal herbal preparations!

Suchil Coffman

Free Apothecarist Medicine Making Introduction

Join us to check out what the fall Apothecarist program is all about! Watch the first class of the Fall 2018 semester to see all the topics we cover in this course!

Katia LeMone

Maiden, Mother, Crone

Kyla Helm, M.D.

Clinical Nutrition

Join Kyla Helm, M.D. in this amazing journey through the world of nutrition. During this course you will be looking at nutrition through the eyes of a Functional Medicine doctor with over 2 decades of clinical practice.

Suchil Coffman

Making Medicinal Tea Blends

This online workshop opens the door to the art of mixing medicinal herbs with fragrant plants and rich flavors – showing you how to make blends that anyone will love to drink!

Sam Coffman

Pathophysiology Module - Nervous System

Suchil Coffman

ITCA - Herbal Self Care Course

Six weeks of herbal medicine making for self care!