Sam Coffman

SHTF Herbal Medicine and Wilderness First Aid Introduction

Welcome to an 8-week course that will give you the most complete introduction to practical, useful herbal medicine in post-disaster situations, over the course of 16 short lecture hours and 8 weeks of study materials.

Thomas Bryant

Introduction to Water Purification Systems On Demand Course

Learn the fundamentals of water purification in an off-grid or homestead environment for a family or small community.

Sam Coffman

Herbal Medicine for Professionals - Spring 2020

The HMP 12-week course is our foundations course that lays the groundwork for advancing to clinical studies, emergency medicine, family herbalism & more with a thorough approach to working with plant medicine.

Kyla Helm, M.D.

Botanical Functional Medicine - Spring 2020

The Botanical Functional Medicine 1 course is 12-week, online exploration into both functional medicine and clinical herbalism.

Suchil Coffman

The Apothecarist: External Medicine

This 12-week online interactive course focuses on external medicine - from topical preparations to inhalations, first aid use, apothecary business basics, herbal sexual health, essential oil safety & more.

Katia LeMone

Maiden, Mother, Crone

Sam Coffman

Pathophysiology Module - Integumentary System

Sam Coffman

Clinical Physical Assessment On Demand Course

Lisa Ganora

Understanding Herbal Constituents/ Plant Chemistry- Semester 2 Spring 2020