Sam Coffman

Multi Fractional Herbal Extracts Intensive

Suchil Coffman

Woman In The Woods

This first module is focused on building confidence and autonomy in women who are not yet comfortable adventuring in the woods ....

Suchil Coffman

Apothecarist - Internal Medicine

The fall online course explores the processes of making herbal products as a profession. In addition to the history of the apothecary trade, students will get extensive training in the making of internal herbal preparations as well as a business!

Sam Coffman

Herbal Medicine for Professionals - Fall 2020

The HMP 12-week course is our foundations course that lays the groundwork for advancing to clinical studies, emergency medicine, family herbalism & more with a thorough approach to working with plant medicine.

Jocelyn Brown

Distilling Therapeutic Essential Oils And Hydrosols

This is 24 hours of online intensive materials for students to have even greater depth of training in certain specialty areas, followed by a live interaction session with instructors.

Sam Coffman

Pathophysiology Module: The Musculoskeletal System

The primary goal of this module is to understand the body’s musculoskeletal system through the eyes of the herbalist.

Lisa Ganora

Polarity, Solubility and Extractions: 3-Week Course

Learn the molecular influences behind solubility: polarity, molecular size, matrix effects, heat, pH, etc. Choosing optimal solvents and solvent systems for herbal extractions.

Suchil Coffman

Making An Herbal Self Care Kit

If you are experiencing quarantine fatigue, spend an evening making simple self-care recipes that will help you re-focus and de-stress...

Sam & Suchil Coffman

Venomous Bites and Stings

Would you like to learn more about venomous bites and stings, and how to deal with them both in the field, at home and with the use of plant medicine?