Sam Coffman

Herbal Medicine for Professionals - Fall 2019

The HMP 12-week course is our foundations course that lays the groundwork for advancing to clinical studies, emergency medicine, family herbalism & more with a thorough approach to working with plant medicine.

Suchil Coffman

Apothecarist - Internal Medicine

The fall online course explores the processes of making herbal products as a profession. In addition to the history of the apothecary trade, students will get extensive training in the making of internal herbal preparations as well as a business!

Lisa Ganora

Understanding Herbal Constituents/Plant Chemistry- Semester 1 Fall 2019

Kyla Helm, M.D.

Introduction to Clinical Nutrition

Join Kyla Helm, M.D. in this amazing journey through the world of nutrition. During this course you will be looking at nutrition through the eyes of a Functional Medicine doctor with over 2 decades of clinical practice.

Sam Coffman

SHTF Herbal Medicine and Wilderness First Aid Introduction

Welcome to an 8-week course that will give you the most complete introduction to practical, useful herbal medicine in post-disaster situations, over the course of 16 short lecture hours and 8 weeks of study materials.

Thomas Bryant

Practical Radio & Communications for Off Grid & Post Disaster Environments

A short online course precedes our 2-day on-site workshop. Students will watch videos and download information, documents, resources and videos to their own computers before the hands-on class where they will get practical experience

Thomas Bryant

Introduction to Water Purification Systems

Sam Coffman

Pathophysiology Module - Digestive System

Sam Coffman

Pathophysiology Module - Integumentary System