Suchil Coffman

Crafting Herbal Incense

Learn the ancient skill of making your own herbal incense from medicinal, aromatic & resinous herbs. This 2-hour live interactive online workshop will teach you how to make several different forms of incense using local plants & your own kitchen!

Suchil Coffman

The Apothecarist: External Medicine

This 12-week online interactive course focuses on external medicine - from topical preparations to inhalations, first aid use, apothecary business basics, herbal sexual health, essential oil safety & more.

Katia LeMone

2018 Doula Certification Course

Thomas Bryant

Sustainable Herb Gardening as a Business – Session One

The Steward program is a comprehensive program covering not just the care of the Earth but also how to ethically profit from an herbal based plant business.

Katia LeMone

Pediatric Herbal Medicine

Katia LeMone

Herbs For The Childbearing Year

Join Katia LeMone, Certified Professional Midwife and Herbalist as she explores the world of herbs and women during this miraculous time in a woman’s life.

Sam Coffman

Wilderness Herbal First Responder Online

This is the merging of the worlds of remote or post-disaster medicine (“ditch medicine”) with the world of herbalism & includes herbal information and hands-on experience of the Herbal Medicine for Professionals course

Sam Coffman

Herbal Medicine for Professionals - Winter 2019

Suchil Coffman

Cold & Flu Lozenges, Pastilles & Electuaries

This 2-hour interactive workshop will teach you how to make your own herbal formulas to have on-hand for the cold and flu season. We will work with ingredients that translate well into electuaries, herbal pastilles and lozenges ...