Organization & Hierarchy of Constituents; Medicinal Carbohydrates: 3 Week Course

Module 5 of The Phytochemistry Series | taught by Lisa Ganora
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Lisa Ganora
Lisa Ganora

About the Instructor

Lisa Ganora began studying traditional Western herbalism in the ‘80s. Later, she lived and wildcrafted in the Appalachians where she studied with folk healers and created herbal products to sell as she travelled the festival circuit with her herb booth. After practicing as a community herbalist for a decade, Lisa retuned to college and graduated from UNCA summa cum laude with multiple awards in biology and chemistry. After graduation she focused on studying pharmacognosy and phytochemistry.

In addition to directing the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism since 2012 and managing Elderberry’s(a Rocky Mountain herb farm and education center in Paonia, CO), Lisa has also served as Adjunct Professor of Pharmacognosy at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, and has lectured and taught classes at numerous schools and conferences around the U.S. She is the author of Herbal Constituents, a popular textbook on herbal phytochemistry for natural health practitioners, which is used by schools and universities worldwide.

Lisa is available for consulting in medicinal plant chemistry, synergy, and formulation for the herbal and natural products industries.

This 3 week course is an in-depth survey of the structure, function and occurrence of lipids and amino acid derivatives that contribute to the actions of herbs, medicinal foods, seeds and oils, etc. Lipids include fatty acids, trans-fats, unrefined oils, triglycerides, phospholipids); alkamides, polyalkenes, polyalkynes, etc. Amino acid derivatives include sulfur compounds in Brassicaceae and Allium spp., cyanogenic glycosides, etc.

Module 5 Details:

  • Fatty acid structure & terminology (EFA, PUFA, DHA, etc.)
  • Health implications of omega-series balance (n-3, n-6, n-9, etc.)
  • Structure, origin & toxicology of trans-fatty acids
  • Triglycerides structure, function, occurrence, significance
  • Phospholipids in plants, herbal pharmacy, cell membranes
  • Composition of Flax, Chia, Hemp, Olive oils, Saw Palmetto berries, etc.
  • Lipid derivatives: alkamides / isobutylamides in Echinacea, Spilanthes, etc.
  • Polyalkenes, polyalkynes, polyacetylenes in herbs
  • Amines including theanine, ephedrine, etc.
  • Amino acid derivatives: sulfur compounds in Brassicaceae (glucosinolates)
  • Amino acid derivatives: cysteine sulfoxides in Onions, Garlic, etc.
  • Amino acid derivatives: cyanogenic glycosides (toxicology, medicinal use)

This three week module includes:

  • Two 2-hour recorded webinars with Lisa Ganora
  • Two live Q & A sessions with Lisa Ganora
  • Eight videos (from live classes)
  • Two PowerPoint presentations
  • Eight detailed study guides
  • Two quizzes
  • Two assignments
  • Access to live Office Hours & Discussion Forum

Course Contents

11 Videos
3 Quizzes
4 Texts
11 PDFs
13.0 hrs