Scout- Go Bag

On Demand Scout Workshop | taught by Sam Coffman
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Sam Coffman
Sam Coffman

In this online  workshop, we discuss the basics of bug out bag creation, maintenance, and use for family and community security and students will work on assembling their own pack during the class!

Climate change, political conflict, and social collapse are all events we should be preparing for, and bug out bags and their uses are a crucial skill to keep for your emergency plans for you and your community.

The 2-hour workshop will cover:

  • bug out bags and their classifications
  • sharing how to build and go over product uses through live feed and live interaction
  • Live exercises using what you can find in your home, store
  • Guided scavenging hunts
  • Creating a general plan of action to maintain different types of bug out bags for whatever may come
  • Sharing possible case studies with guests who will have experienced first hand climate change disasters and their lessons learned throughout the events they survived.

Course Contents

2 Videos
2 Texts
4 PDFs
2.0 hrs